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An Integrated Print and Digital Platform that Serves the Finishing Industry

  • Founded in 1990, SFJ is a bilingual (Chinese/English) technical / trade journal and an integrated platform of print and digital editions for the Finishing industry.

  • SFJ keeps industry players up-to-date on the must-know topics of the industry, such as market news, technological advancements, new products and services.

  • SFJ is published 4 times a year in March, June, September and November. In addition to a print circulation of 9,000/issue and a digital distribution of 4,000/issue, SFJ is also distributed via the official website of SFCHINA exhibition,

  • As the official publication for the SFCHINA series of exhibition, SFJ has a print distribution of 10,000 copies for the SFCHINA exhibition directory.

Strive to Help Advertisers to Reach Prospects

  • Global manufacturing sectors like automotive, aircraft and electrical appliances are entering the recovery stage, driving strong demand for the finishing industry. It is expected that the market size of the global finishing industry will reach RMB100 billion by 2020. SFJ's circulation and demographics cover these prosperous sectors to provide qualified prospects for your brand.

  • Customers can tailor your advertising programme through SFJ's affordable, value-driven print and digital options to meet your company's marketing needs. Our quality editorial assures every issue is an engaging platform to showcase your company and products to your target audience.


Official Publication for the SFCHINA Series of Exhibition
SFJ is the official publication for the SFCHINA series of exhibition and thus enjoys most privileged channel of distribution exclusively to trade visitors by distributing 10,000 copies of 'SFCHINA Directory' to the show visitors. Exhibitors can rely on SFJ to capture attendees' attention and maximize on-site exposure while non-exhibitors can convey your messages through our journal to locate more sales leads.

Proven Editorial Judgement and Industry Expertise
Our editorial team and contributing writers comprise of industry experts and consultants to ensure a careful and proper editorial planning in each issue. Our feature articles cover new technologies and innovations, market trends, new product releases, renowned supplier profiles, interviews of prominent enterprises and specialists, and much more.

A Unique Bilingual Trade Publication with Qualified Readership
SFJ is the ONLY bilingual publication being actively circulated to the finishing industry in China and Asia Pacific region. Your ads will reach industry professionals and decision-makers of the industry.

Expand the Reach of your Advertising Campaign via Our Integrated Exposure
In addition to the print edition, SFJ is distributed electronically to our subscribers and SFCHINA visitors. Your advertising message is further reinforced by our online audience of For the same rate, your ad will appear in both our print and digital editions with no extra fees!


Issues Editorial Features Ad Confirmation Deadlines Material Deadlines
Coating Applications & Products Electroplating & Product Finishing Editorials Digital Files Ready for Printing
  • Robots for Vehicle Body Painting

  • Robotic Paint

  • Surface Modification & Coating Technology

  • Paint & Powder Coating

  • Abrasion, Buffing & Polishing

  • Engineering Coatings

  • Waste Treatment

  • Lead-free Fluorine-free Plating Process

20/2/2017 10/1/2017 25/2/2017
  • Thermal Spray & Plasma Technologies

  • Electrophoretic Coating

  • High Energy Plasma Surface Coating Technology

  • Copper Surface Conversion Coatings

  • Plating on Plastics

  • Peening Technology

  • Non-cyanide / Low Cyanide Process

  • Hexavalent Chromium & Cadmium Alternatives

20/5/2017 10/5/2017 25/5/2017
  • UV Coating

  • Thermochemical Surface Modification Technology

  • Vacuum Plating

  • Nano Technologies

  • Chrome Regulations

  • Anodizing

  • Corrosion & Protection

  • Surface Finishing Recycling Trends

20/8/2017 10/8/2017 25/8/2017
  • Green Paint Shop

  • Paint Support Technologies

  • Decorative Surface Finishing

  • Finishing Equipment

10/10/2017 10/9/2017 15/10/2017
Special Supplement:
Exhibition Directory for SFCHINA2017, Shanghai
Regular Columns
  • Environmental Challenges

  • Product Showcase

  • Industry News

  • Trade Shows & Forums

* Editorial feature is subject to change without prior notice.

* Contribution of articles or press releases is welcome. Free translation service will be provided.


Mr. Darrell John Reeve
Independent Environmental Consultant, Cleaner Production, Australia


Primary Business Activity

12.5%   Electrical Appliances

10.5%   Electroplating Industry

8.0%     Furniture Industry

7.5%     Lighting Industry

5.5%     Chemical Industry

5.5%     Cooking Ware / Cutlery / Kitchen Utensil

5.0%     Painting Job Shop

4.9%     Metal Products / Fastener Industry

4.0%     Electronics Industry

3.7%     Automotive / Parts Industry

3.5%     Motorcycle & Parts Industry

3.5%     Watches & Clocks Industry

3.0%     Toys Industry

2.5%     Building Industry

2.5%     Equipment, Instrument Industry

2.5%     Eye-glasses Industry

2.5%     Machine / Mechanical Engineering

2.0%     Mobile Phones Industry

2.5%     PC Board Industry

2.2%     Plastic Products Industry

2.1%     Bicycle Industry

1.5%     Computer Industry

1.1%     Aluminium Products Industry

0.8%     Other Industries

0.5%     Shipbuilding / Repair

0.1%     Aircraft Manufacturing / Repair

0.1%     Metallurgy Industry

Geographical Distribution

92%   Domestic China

4%     Other Asian Countries

3%     Hong Kong SAR

1%     Taiwan Region

For any further enquires, please contact the publisher:

Sinostar-ITE Int’l Ltd.

2101-2, 21/F., Jubilee Centre, 42-46 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel:(852) 2865 0062
Fax: (852) 2804 2256


SFJ is published and printed in Hong Kong SAR.

Surface Finishing Journal (SFJ) is published by Sinostar-ITE Int’l Ltd., with its registered office at 2101-2, 21/F., Jubilee Centre, 42-46 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. SFJ is published in four issues a year, in the middle of March, June, September and November.

ISSN of SFJ: 1682-4644