Company: Handan Dawei Electroplating Equipment Co., Ltd.  
Business Nature: Manufacturer 
Country/Region: P.R. China 
Hall No.: E1 
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Booth No.: E1.C31 

Profile in English:
Formerly known as the school run factory of Congzhong middle school in Handan County, Hebei Province, the enterprise has won the honorary title of "advanced unit of work study program" jointly awarded by the State Education Commission, the Ministry of finance, the State Planning Commission and the State Economic Commission, and has been honored by "excellent enterprise" and "advanced unit of tree comparison study" such as national ministries and commissions, provincial and municipal governments at all levels for many times. It is known as a star in the work study front of Hebei Province "Pearl".

Founded in 1969, the enterprise has accumulated rich experience in the production and R & D of electroplating equipment for more than 40 years. It is these valuable experiences combined with modern high and new technology that enable the enterprise to create high-quality and distinctive products. The enterprise has been recognized and praised by the majority of colleagues in the electroplating industry for its understanding of the market and customer wishes, good reputation and business style AI! After the joint-stock reform in 1998, the enterprise adhered to the policy of "industrial specialization, product diversification" and "characteristic operation", and gradually formed a professional and multi variety electroplating equipment led by two series of products: pulse electroplating power supply and small part electroplating equipment. A number of products of the enterprise have won the technical appraisal of the former Ministry of machinery and electronics and Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Commission.

SMD double pulse electroplating power supply: it has won the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements of the former Ministry of mechanical and electrical engineering, No. (JDC) electromechanical Jian Zi No. 8911117. This product has won the gold medal award of the national "Seventh Five Year Plan" spark plan Expo in 1991

CzD vibration plating machine: This product solves the electroplating problems of small parts with high quality requirements and the electroplating problems of special-shaped small parts that are not suitable or can not be solved by ordinary barrel plating.

GD type variable speed barrel plating machine and PGD type jet flow barrel plating machine: technical appraisal of Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Commission, applied to the electroplating production of high-end small parts. PGD type jet flow barrel plating machine won the second prize of scientific and technological progress of the State Education Commission in 1991.

The enterprise is based on the electronic electroplating industry and radiates other electroplating. Its products are widely used in electroplating experiments, research and production in Colleges and universities, research institutes, aerospace, military electronics, neodymium iron boron, radio, instruments, meters, hardware and other industries. The enterprise is the seventh member unit of the electroplating Expert Committee of China Electronics Society, the eighth and ninth standing member units, and the tenth member unit The vice chairman unit of the 11th and 12th sessions has become one of the most well-known enterprises in the electronic electroplating industry. The enterprise is located in the south of huangliangmeng town in Handan, ancient Zhao, a famous hometown of idioms. It is adjacent to the north exit of Beijing Zhuhai Expressway in the East, huangliangmeng exit of Qinglan Expressway in the north, and Beijing Guangzhou railway and national highway 107 in the West. The transportation is very convenient. We warmly welcome friends at home and abroad Visit, establish cooperative relationship and common development.

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