Company: Hengli Eletek Co., Ltd. 
Business Nature:   合肥恒力装备有限公司_logo
Country/Region: P.R. China 
Hall No.: E1 
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Booth No.: E1.F75 

Profile in English:
Hengli Eletek Co., Ltd. founded in 1992, is a high-tech enterprise wholly-owned by the 43rd Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Corporation. The company is committed to the three business areas of industrial electric heating equipment, system integration and environmental protection equipment, and positions the industrial development in the leading industry composed of electronic component equipment, new energy equipment and electronic electroplating equipment; There are three major industrial directions: key industries composed of intelligent manufacturing, new materials, surface cleaning, environmental protection and energy-saving treatment, and cultivation industries composed of intelligent manufacturing and advanced new materials.

  relying on the strong scientific research force and professional industrial foundation of CETC, with excellent technical achievements, unremitting pursuit of innovation, excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service system, it has won good brand awareness and reputation in the industry. In terms of quality assurance system, Hefei Hengli has successively passed ISO9001 quality system certification, EU CE certification, Canadian CSA certification and other international standard certification.

  adhering to the value of "responsibility innovation, excellence and sharing", the company is committed to intelligent equipment and green development!

  Hefei Hengli has always provided customers with high-quality products and services with a sense of gratitude and a strong sense of responsibility. It is the long-term support, understanding and trust of our customers and friends to Hefei Hengli that makes us move forward with incomparable passion on the road of intelligent manufacturing and green development. In the coming years, Hefei Hengli is willing to work with you to continue to contribute to the rapid development of China's economy and pour our wisdom and sweat into China's intelligent manufacturing and green development.

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