Company: Shanghai PMX Trading Co., Ltd. 
Business Nature: 分销/代理  上海皮姆西贸易有限公司_logo
Country/Region: P.R. China 
Hall No.: E1 
Zone No.:
Booth No.: E1.B66 

Profile in English:
Our company acts as an agent for all kinds of electroplating intermediates, biological buffers and rubber accelerators. The core business of the company is to provide high-quality electroplating intermediates and the latest industry information at home and abroad for electroplating formula companies. At the same time, we also introduce foreign high-quality fine chemicals to provide the most high-quality products and the latest information for many domestic chemical industries, and realize the enterprise's own value while making modest efforts for the development of domestic chemical industry! At present, our company is the agent of Tianjin North Satellite brand saccharin sodium, and distributes German BASF electroplating intermediates, Solvay electroplating intermediates and Dow surfactants. All products of our company are imported with original packaging, and the product quality and price have an absolute competitive advantage!

Classification of Exhibits:
  • 4 Metal Deposition
  •   4.02 Chemical Vapour Deposition
  •   4.04 Immersion Plating
  •   4.06 Electroforming
  •   4.07 Plasma Technology