Company: Atotech (China) Chemicals Ltd. 
Business Nature: Manufacturer  安美特(中国)化学有限公司_logo
Country/Region: Germany 
Hall No.: E1 
Zone No.:
Booth No.: E1.C01 

Profile in English:

Atotech (NYSE:ATC) is a leading specialty chemicals technology company and a market leader in advanced electroplating solutions. Atotech delivers chemistry, equipment, software, and services for innovative technology applications through an integrated systems-and-solutions approach. Atotech solutions are used in a wide variety of end-markets, including smartphones and other consumer electronics, communications infrastructure, and computing, as well as in numerous industrial and consumer applications such as automotive, heavy machinery, and household appliances.

Atotech, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, is a team of 4,000 experts in over 40countries generating annual revenues of $1.2 billion (2020). Atotech has manufacturing operations across Europe, the Americas, and Asia. With its well-established innovative strength and industry-leading global Tech Center network, Atotech delivers pioneering solutions combined with unparalleled on-site support for over 9,000 customers worldwide. For more information about Atotech, please visit us at atotech.com.

Classification of Exhibits:
  • 2 Pre-treatment Technologies
  •   2.01 Soak Cleaning
  •   2.04 Degreasing
  •   2.07 Chemical Rust-Removal
  • 3 Electroplating
  •   3.01 Copper
  •   3.04 Zinc & Zinc Alloys
  •   3.06 Precious Metals - Gold/ Silver/ Platinum/ Palladium
  •   3.08 Plating on PCB & Electronics
  • 4 Metal Deposition
  •   4.01 Physical Vapour Deposition
  •   4.02 Chemical Vapour Deposition
  •   4.03 Vacuum Deposition
  •   4.04 Immersion Plating
  •   4.05 Electroless Plating
  •   4.06 Electroforming
  •   4.07 Plasma Technology
  • 5 Surface Treatment
  •   5.08 Electrophoretic Coating
  • 8 Coating Products
  •   8.09 Anti-Corrosion Coatings