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2019 November 18 (Monday)
Time Topic Session Number Meeting Room Presenting Company/ Speaker Quantity

Zinc-Nickel Alloy Plating Improving Productivity

M12-1 E1-M12 Nippon Hyomen Kagaku Kabushiki Kaisha/Mr. Makino Toshiaki

Advanced XRF Features Save You Time and Money in Plating Operations

M12-2 E1-M12 Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science Shanghai Co., Limited/Mr. Matt Kreiner
2019 November 19 (Tuesday)
Time Topic Session Number Meeting Room Presenting Company/ Speaker Quantity

New Ways of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Treatment in Electroplating Wastewater and Aluminum Anodizing Wastewater

M12-5 E1-M12 Wuhan Fengfan Environmental & Technology Co., Ltd/Dr. Ji Fan

A New Generation of Chromium(VI)-Free Decorative Electroplating

M12-6 E1-M12 SurTec Metal Surface Treatment Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd./Mr. Jochen Liebert

The New Generation Gold Sealant

M12-7 E1-M12 Haining CoaTech Metal Surface Technology Co., Ltd./Mr. Shengliang Sun

Latest Nickel-Free Sealing and Automotive Sealing in Anodizing Processes

M12-8 E1-M12 Dongguan Huizeling Chemical Technology Co., Ltd./Mr. Weichao Liu

Sharing Successful Experience of Paint to Powder

M12-9 E1-M12 Kimsun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd./Mr. Pengpeng Li
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