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If you apply an official invitation letter to support your entry visa application, please submit this electronic form to our Official Travel Agent ¡°Shanghai Vision Expo & Meeting Solutions Co., Ltd.¡± directly on or before Jan 28, 2022.


1.  Due to adjustments of immigration policy caused by COVID-19, the visa application policy may change along with the progress of the pandemic, and all information and policies are subject to updates released by the local Chinese embassies when you apply for an entry visa at that time. Therefore, we suggest you to contact your local Chinese embassies beforehand when you plan to apply for the visa, and to check whether they can process your application and the associated documentations. The invitation letter will be issued according to the applicant's personal situation.

2.  'Official Invitation Letter' issued by ¡®Shanghai Vision¡¯ only serves as a supporting document to apply for Business Visa.

3.  Standard Application Fee (before Oct 15) is US$30.00 per person per letter, and is non-refundable. For urgent application (Oct 16-22), the Application Fee is US$45.00 per person per letter.

4.  Due to the global pandemic and entry policy uncertainty, the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General concerned may require other additional information and impose additional charges for their paperwork.

5.  If original copy of the invitation letter is needed, applicant has to bear the costs involved for international courier service.

6.  All applicants¡¯ passports must be valid for at least SIX MONTHS beyond the intended date of entry to China.

7.  Information given via this electronic form will be sent DIRECTLY to ¡®Shanghai Vision¡¯.

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 Official Invitation Letter Processing Fee: US$30.00 net per person per letter (Standard Application)
(All bank charges incurred shall be paid by the applicant)

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NOTE: ¡®Shanghai Vision¡¯will send you a payment note upon receiving your application. Invitation letter will be issued only after payment has been settled.